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Are you prepared to stop going back to your abusive spouse?


Written by a United States Air Force service member who had been in an abusive relationship for twelve years. Don’t Turn Back, is a survival road map for regaining a sense of dignity and self-worth after spousal abuse.


This road map provides the important knowledge you need to safeguard your family, attain financial independence, navigate the legal system in your divorce settlement, begin your healing process, and conquer the obstacles that keep you back.


Lydia provides guidance for any woman going through a divorce after being in an abusive marriage; she outlines how to balance life, tear down the obstacles that are preventing you from leaving your abuser, and techniques for retraining your brain after trauma.


Lydia Dominguez hopes to promote empowerment, healing, and forgiveness with practical guidance and spiritual approaches that women may utilize when they are most in need.


Currently scheduled to release on 16 August 2021.

Don't Turn Back - Road Map through Physical, Mental, and Financial Abuse

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